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Large-scale wall mural design Aldi Scheveningen Silkscreen art prints series "Unity" Book design & murals Royal Theater The Hague Graphic design, visual identity & communication, Theater festival "Het Circus" Design & illustrations "MijnWereldKaart" "Wonderlust", book designs & covers APS, VUBPress Book design Municipality of The Hague "Haagse Nieuwe" Visual identity "White Wolf" Handwriting font type design Dille & Kamille Book design & artwork "Amber Revolution" Design & illustration wine label "Moon Lagar" Logo & custom typeface Jumbo Supermarkets Typographic brand name design Albert Heijn "Cookie Bites" Book design "Je ziet ze vliegen" Book designs & covers APS, VUBPress Book design Municipality of The Hague: Delta plan Cultural Education Historical font revival "Rosart" Visual identity, menu cards lunchroom "Ode" Graphic design concert program, poster & brochure "Spiegel im Spiegel" Book designs & illustrations "Learning Dreams" Visual identity with website & typeface "Vilt aan Zee" Visual ideneity with logo & facade lettering "Vleugels" The Hague Design & illustrations "MijnWereldKaart" Monograms: various designs for typographic logos Book design & covers Lannoo, Academia Press "Kristal" Typeface design Book design & covers Lannoo, Academia Press Visual identity with website & typeface "De Slimme Speeltuin" "Kristal" Typeface design Book designs & covers Skribis Magazine & infographics The Needs of the Malians for Justice Book design "Dürr-i Meknûn" Art print "Revolution Sun" Visual identity with website & promotional materials "Passie in Vorm"


Studio Eyal & Myrthe

Graphic design agency, specialists in book design & typography, The Hague / Scheveningen

We design it all: from books, magazines, logos, and visual identities to posters, illustrations, murals, and every­thing in between. We specialize in typography and font design.

Timeless designs born from a creative dialogue

We believe in designs that carry meaningful and artistic value. We don’t adhere to a single trendy style: we explore the visual and verbal roots of a concept and translate them into authentic designs.

We are both visual artists and master many disciplines: illus­tration, drawing, painting, photo­graphy, typo­graphy and type design, enabling us to creatively express any project.

Myrthe Stel

Myrthe infuses her poetic sensibility into the interplay of color and shape, fostering harmony in our work and with our clients. Her unique perspective brings coherence and clarity, while her attentive approach to customers ensures that their needs are met, enriching projects through her skillful art direction.

Myrthe graduated in Design & Commu­nication from the Minerva Academy in Groningen. She subsequently served as a teacher there and later at the MIADA art academy in Chongqing, China. Beyond her work, she is also a mother and volunteers her time guiding families and young individuals in shaping their dreams.

Myrthe Stel | Studio Eyal & Myrthe

Eyal Holtzman | Studio Eyal & Myrthe

Eyal Holtzman

Eyal applies his passion and extensive expertise to ensure each project embodies quality. His proficiency as an illustrator, type designer, typographer, Photoshop expert and visual artist enable him to explore a broad spectrum of design possibilities and visual languages in every project development.

Eyal studied Graphic & Typographic Design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, where he later also completed a Master’s degree in Type Design & Typo­graphy. Since 1996, he’s been active as an artist, designer and lecturer.

His work has been awarded a Certificate of Typo­graphic Excellence by the Type Directors Club in New York. In the book Dutch Type, design critic Jan Middendorp describes Eyal’s designs “among the most original alphabets”, and that they “tap into an idiom that no other type designer working in the Netherlands has ever used”.

Several clients

Albert Heijn Aldi supermarkets Buddy Netwerk Foundation Dille & Kamille Eduardo Frei Foundation European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) European Parlement Festival Het Circus German Embassy in The Hague Jumbo Supermarkets Liberal Archive Municipality The Hague: Urban Development Municipality The Hague: Education, Culture & Wellbeing Municipality The Hague: Rotterdamsebaan Port of Rotterdam Royal Theater The Green Web Foundation The Hague International Centre Theater Stut Aksant Publishers ASP / Vrije Universiteit Brussel Publishers Lannoo / Academia Press Publishers Maralte Publishers Nevelland / Mirto Print Publishers Plantyn Publishers

“The collaboration with Eyal & Myrthe went very well, and I am very pleased with their creativity and secure approach. All options are investigated and their eye for detail always goes one step beyond. It was a pleasant collaboration with an exceptionally beautiful end result!”

Daphne Browne, Royal Theater

“We had the great pleasure of having our festival branding and campaign for Het Circus 2017 done by Eyal & Myrthe. It was all beyond expectations! Great design! Great service! Great attitude!”

Jay Navarro, Het Circus

“Eyal & Myrthe are masters in developing creative, typographical covers, in which the subject matter is clear at a glance and the depth of the cover doesn’t lose its significance. Their designs look modern but nevertheless draw on a rich cultural tradition.”

Pieter Borghart, Academia Press

“I just want to pause and raise a hat (...)
The design and layout, Eyal and Myrthe, is outstanding. I love the cover. Strong, defiant, modern, retro, ancient, textured, shiny, matt, shocking, victorious – it says everything.”

Tamlyn Currin,


We have considerable experience teaching and conducting corpo­rate training, work­shops, and one-on-one sessions in graphic design and visual arts. Some of the institutions where we've taught include:

Electoral Council (Kiesraad), European Space Agency, Europol, Modern International Art & Design Academy (China), NCOI Opleidingen, Royal Academy of Art, Willem de Kooning Academy.

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